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The Weapon System of Choice to 2025+

Europe's largest military aircraft co-operation programme to date. Nearly 1,000 aircraft have been delivered to the air forces of Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The multi-role aircraft has been deployed on various types of mission.

  • Crew: 2
  • Max. range: 3,890 km
  • Overall length: 16.72 m
  • Wingspan flexible from 8.60 m to 13.90 m
  • Overall height: 5.70 m
  • Max. speed: (high clean) Mach 2.2
  • Max. take-off weight: 27 t
  • Maiden flight: 1974

MRCA Tornado covered the following types of mission, with flight time up to seven hours using air-to-air refueling.

  • Suppress Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD)
  • Tactical Reconnaissance (RECCE)
  • Air Interdiction and Strike (IDS)
  • Counter Air Patrol (CAP)

MRCA TORNADO's Capabilities

  • Variety of modern sensors, weapons and equipment integrated
  • Adjusted to various operational and tactical objectives
  • Continuous enhancements for future demands
  • Proven effectiveness, robustness and reliability

The TORNADO programme is managed as a consortium led by Panavia Aircraft GmbH with Alenia Aeronautica, BAE Systems and Cassidian as Panavia Partner Companies (PPCs).

The shareholders Alenia Aeronautica SpA (15%), BAE SYSTEMS plc (42.5%) and EADS Deutschland GmbH (42.5%) function as national main contractors to Panavia.

Aircraft delivery started in 1979 and the last aircraft was delivered in 1994. Since then, Tornado has been upgraded continuously to adapt to changing operational scenarios.