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Manching is the home of Cassidian's Military Air Systems Centre. The combined skills of programme management, development, system integration, logistics/product support, procurement, marketing and sales departments at the site have made it a centre of competence for manned and unmanned military aviation.

The site's activities focus on final assembly, system tests and flight trials of the 180 Eurofighters operated by the German Air Force. The Eurofighters ordered by Austria as the launch export customer underwent final assembly in Manching. It is also at this site that Cassidian equips the centre fuselage sections for all 707 Eurofighters which have been ordered so far. Furthermore, Cassidian runs the Eurofighter and Tornado System Support Centres and related facilities at its Manching site in cooperation with the German Air Force.

The company also develops, integrates and tests high-performance Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at its Military Air Systems Centre, and is gradually setting up support facilities for their future operation. Its research and development activities in the field of network-centric system solutions for unmanned flight in controlled airspace and in formation have made Manching a renowned German centre for the development of UAS systems. The current programmes are the Euro Hawk for the German Air Force and the Barracuda technology testbed.

Cassidian also provides comprehensive service and support in Manching for all aircraft flown by the German Air Force. The site is responsible for the maintenance and combat efficiency improvement of the Tornado high-performance military combat aircraft and the Transall C-160 transporter, for example. Further activities include depot maintenance work and overhaul and upgrade programmes for NATO's E-3A AWACS mission aircraft and the German Navy's P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft.

At the same time, Manching is a development centre with the associated laboratories, system and integration test rigs, and simulation and computer-aided design facilities. It focuses on technological development work in the areas of avionics, flight control systems, sensors, fire control systems and data processing. Cassidian also performs research into signature technology, basic electrical systems, ground-based systems and simulation in Manching.

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