TETRA Data Module

The TDM880i is an advanced TETRA data module dedicated to positioning, telemetry and remote control applications. It is designed to be integrated with a master device in applications such as automatic meter reading, intelligent traffic systems and other embedded systems.

  • Small and lightweight
  • 3 W output power
  • Advanced I/O line functionality
  • GPS with track saving and managed backlog sending
  • Support for ETSI location information protocol for TETRA (LIP)

The TDM880i is a compact printed circuit board which is optimised for easy integration, yet encapsulates the full functionality of a TETRA data radio.

The TDM880i uses IP data and SDS messages for TETRA communication. Its I/O lines and RS232 serial interface for AT commands enable connectivity to a wide variety of applications. The data module can use intelligent message transfer options for managing the traffic load, such as a control channel associated with an ongoing group call.

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