P25 Digital Land Mobile Radio Solution

As the industry's only true non-proprietary P25 network solution, CORP25 provides "true choice" to our customers, allowing them to communicate between networks and select best-in-class components, including subscriber units – in turn realizing optimal performance and lower total cost of ownership.

CORP25 is open, flexible, and scalable
  • CORP25 is open – a 100% standards-compliant digital trunked radio system that fully embraces the P25 goals of interoperability and component competition
  • CORP25 is flexible – a single system can be configured to support subscriber units in all public safety frequency bands and a software-based, distributed architecture offers an unmatched level of network resiliency, survivability and ability to easily migrate to next-generation services
  • CORP25 is scalable – a single site system can be employed with more sites added later – quickly and economically migrating from one site to a "system of systems"
  • The open, standards-based CORP25 solution allows customers to utilize competitive procurements to reduce their costs for non-core products, successfully eliminating the proprietary premiums other vendors place on radios, consoles, recorders and other components
  • With its software-based, distributed architecture and adherence to IETF IP standards, CORP25 is adaptable to a wide variety of operational requirements, making it the optimum solution for next-generation public safety communications and seamless migration to new technologies

To learn more about CORP25 and Land Mobile Radio, please visit the Cassidian Communications website