Communicator! ® NXT™

Notification Solutions and Services

Throughout our 28-year history, we have consistently engineered premises-based and hosted platforms to work as they must in situations impacting operational resiliency and personal safety. All solutions are scalable in design, supporting simple to highly complex communications and budgets of every size. As a result, thousands of public and private sector clients worldwide look to us for the experience, choices and performance essential to executing their rapid notification strategies.


Proven, Scalable, Flexible

Notification solutions and services are easily configured to meet the critical needs of today's municipalities, governments and corporate entities. Our full circle security solutions include the following products:

  • The Communicator! ®NXT™ – an onsite, hosted or hybrid solution for list-driven group notification and requirements-based mobilization
  • GeoCast® Web™ – Browser-based solution employing ESRI mapping tools for rapid notification of targeted geographies
  • REVERSE 911® – Onsite solution for map-driven and simple, list-based notification; hosted MassCall option for increased communications capacity
  • Frontwave®- Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, providing callers round-the-clock access to general information